Leave the capital! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Leave the capital! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAccording to realtors, the number of people wishing to rent accommodation in the capital is falling rapidly, while supply continues to grow. If in January of last year in the databases of real estate agencies...Housing gets cheaperAccording to realtors, the number of people wishing to rent accommodation in the capital is falling rapidly, while supply continues to grow. If in January of last year in the databases of real estate agents was registered about 6 thousand apartments, now more than 26 thousandIn search of clients, the homeowners are forced to make serious concessions: reduced the price to fix them in local currency, to equip the apartment with modern appliances, etc. Experts predict that the stagnation of the market may last at least until the end of this year.Regionals are leaving the capitalAs has told the leading expert of Department of marketing company SV Development Sergey Kostecki, the number of transactions in the rental market of residential realty monthly decreases: if in December was commissioned 812 of the apartment, in February - 728."In our view, the negative trend will occur in the future," he said. The traditional reason for the drop in activity of potential customers experts call a mass Exodus of regionals who got laid off, leaving the small home. In addition, a serious competition to the capital owners of the property are their colleagues from satellite cities. "This situation was observed last year, but now it became a mass phenomena, because the lease there twice below," according to SV Development.Changed in the current year and the preferences of tenants. According to the head of sales Department EN Capital-Realty" Lana Maksimenko, the most popular remain one-bedroom apartments in residential districts of Kiev, furnished 90-ies. But if the majority of tenants focused only on the most cheap housing - dormitory, now many are willing to consider higher-quality options."The lion's share of customers want to rent an apartment near the metro with basic repair and minimum range of domestic appliances including automatic washing machine," she says, adding that increased the demand for two-bedroom apartments that rent in shares many. But the demand for two-bedroom apartments and rooms, according to her, fell compared with the same period in 2008. "To date, the majority of tenants, rather, prepared to live with a stranger than to rent a room in apartment with the owners," says Ms. Maximenko.Residential dumpingAt the same time, the number of people wishing to rent their flats to rent, on the contrary, grows monthly. "For example, if in January in the databases Metropolitan agencies was 20.3 thousand proposals, in February - 23.7 thousand, and in March - 26,09 thousand," says Mr. Kostecki. This trend expert explains how massive an "outlier" to market the apartments, abandoned by former tenants, and the advent of apartments whose owners decided to surrender their lease for the first time. "This is particularly true for dealers, some of whom are not ready to sell your property at a low price and decided to wait out the financial crisis, temporarily refocused on the rental segment", he added.Falling demand amid supply growth is forcing apartment owners to make considerable concessions. According to the chief of Department of the company "Trajectory" Alexander Onischuk, if last year the majority of tenants are paying for tenancy in a foreign currency, it is now about 80% of all proposals placed in UAH. "Property owners are willing to fix the prices in national currency for at least six months, which in 2008 was rare," she notes. Decreased significantly and the cost of renting the apartments.As told by the General Director of "Alliance-Brock" Andrew Sokur, to date, to find in the shortest possible time one-room apartment in Kiev is 2 thousand UAH. while last fall it was worth not less than 2.5 to 2.7 thousand UAH. "For these funds, you can count on apartments in a residential district (except Obolon. – ed.) of simple repairs and necessary home appliances including automatic washing machine. Earlier in the apartments of a similar class, such equipment was not offered," he says.According to him, "ones" with quality renovation and new furniture, close to metro, available for 2,5–3,5 thousand UAH. and close to the center of the capital districts - 4 thousand UAH. The cost of two-bedroom apartments, located on the left Bank, and in Goloseevskiy, Svyatoshinsky or Podolsk districts, as a rule, starts from 3 thousand UAH. In such apartments have all the necessary equipment, however the furniture and repair in poor condition. Considerably cheaper and housing in the Central part of the city: if to rent a two-room apartment in Pechersk district was not less than 6 thousand UAH. a month, now there are a large number of options for 4 thousand UAH. And for the money offered housing renovation and relatively new furniture and appliances.But two-bedroom apartments, according to Lana Maksimenko, often giving up almost at the price of "kopeck piece" - 4 thousand UAH. a month. "For the money, for example, offer an apartment with total area of 75 square meters on the street milyutenko (Desnyanskiy district). Previously for similar dwellings should have put 7 thousand UAH", - she reported. The owners of three-pointers located close to the center of the areas, ask 6,5–7 thousand UAH. (formerly of 8.5–9 million), and in the center - 12-13 thousand. (18-19 thousand UAH).However, in the surveyed real estate agencies recognized that more and more often in their bases appear apartment at dumping prices. For example, there is a single sentence of hostinec or small apartments for 1.5 thousand UAH. in a month, and "kopeck piece" on Zhylianska street furniture was delivered for 2.5 thousand UAH. "Housing at prices a little while, and it quickly diverges, failing to get on the Board. But the number of these proposals is growing," - said in "Capital".What's nextThe experts ' forecasts concerning the further development of the market divided. Sergey Kostecki assumes that prices will decline until the third quarter of this year."In our opinion, the rent could go down by 40%," he said. According to him, this will contribute to the subsequent outflow of tenants due to mass layoffs and rising unemployment in the capital. "Towards the end of the year prices will stabilize, but will begin to rise before the end of 2010, when business activity in Kiev will increase and here again will rush regionals. At this time activated and sale of apartments, resulting in the proposal will start to fall," predicts Mr. Kostecki.Different opinion Andrew Sokur, according to which the cost of rent has already reached its bottom and will soon decline will be.

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