Customers - a rarity! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Customers - a rarity! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineMetropolitan residential real estate market cools down quickly. In comparison with last year apartments on the secondary market of Kiev fell twice, and some owners...Time to buy an apartment!Metropolitan residential real estate market cools down quickly. In comparison with last year apartments on the secondary market of Kiev fell twice, and some of the owners, who urgently need money, ready to give even more. How will the events develop in the future, now it is difficult to predict.Some experts say that the season is unheard of discounts will last for several months, while others expect an even greater decline in prices. Actually everything will depend on the banks ' loyalty to its current and future borrowers.Customers - a rarityKiev apartments already hotcakes. According to General Director an "C. I. T" Eduard Brazas, if in the best of times the total number of transactions in the real estate market thousands a month, now it has hundreds. "If in December the number had decreased by 95%, in January - to 96-97% compared with the spring months of last year," said a leading specialist of the marketing consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki.With him agrees the President of the Union of real estate specialists of Ukraine Alexander Rubanov, who argues that the number of actual buyers of housing capital in the last year has decreased by about 15 times.Experts believe that there are several reasons. One of them is the refusal of banks to issue mortgage loans to those wishing to improve their living conditions. Head of Department of sales of apartments in the company's "Trajectory" Alexander Onischuk said that in the early fall of 2008 clients of their Agency concluded about 70% of transactions involving loans, and now there are none at all. The situation is similar in other real estate offices.Deputy head of Department of development of mortgage products VAB Bank Svetlana Fredrikson notes that mortgage lending is now suspended. The bankers are trying to offer customers other services, but on the condition of the market of housing capital is not affected. Realtors believe that the problem lies in the fact that many residents of the capital can't take their money from banks. Secrete agencies in another category of buyers who have cash, but are in no hurry to invest in real estate, waiting for the so-called "bottom" is even greater collapse in prices.Offer used apartments also not growing. According to realtors, property owners who do not wish to significantly reduce prices, began to shift to the rental market, or even abandon their plans."Most of them are now renting out their apartments for the guests and in parallel looking for buyers or just delaying the sale until better times," - said General Director of "Alliance-Brock" Andrew Sokur. In addition, due to the lack of funds from developers through the timing of delivery of residential facilities in operation, and do not enter the market with new apartments, bought by their current owners are under construction for speculative purposes.Prices have been nicerAs before, the demand from buyers of housing capital are the cheapest deals. According Eduard Brazas, sales leaders are one or two small apartments, and three customers of his company virtually no interest in.The study results proved that today in Kiev for $35-40 thousand to purchase the dormitory area of 22-29 sq m with a small kitchen (4-5 m), and not in the most popular arrays (in Svyatoshino, in borshchahivka, Attics, Troyeshchyna). A similar house in a decent area (Obolon, Solomenka or near the metro station "Lukyanivska") will cost about $45-50 thousand But such proposals unit.The full price of the apartment on the outskirts of the city starts from $50 thousand, and in more popular parts buyers - $55-60 thousand With this sum you can count on apartments from 32 to 40 sq. m. and kitchen 7 to 8 squares. Moreover, sellers are willing to concessions. For example, in one of the surveyed real estate agencies upon request reduced the price of the apartment with a total area of 39 sq. m. Obolon from $60 thousand to $55 thousandIt is not excluded that if the owners find a buyer with cash, the discount will be even more essential. As an example, the expert cites an apartment in a new building with an area of 39.5 sq. m. kitchen 10 sq. m) on the street Heroes of Stalingrad, Oblonsky in the district of Kiev, which in October was offered at $100-105 thousand, and as a result have recently sold for $54 thousandThe cost of two-bedroom housing is $70-80 thousand For the same amount you can rely on the flat area of 45-60 square metres in the old housing stock. Periodically in the capital's real estate agencies appear similar deals at dumping prices - for $50-55 thousand, but they usually find a buyer within one to two days. For apartments in newer homes asking more - $90-100 thousandAlexander Onischuk claims that prices began to decline in housing owners for prestigious locations, positioned as elite and exhibited unimaginable prices. "For example, in the fall we sold two-room apartment in Pechersk Lipki for $200 thousand, but now the owners agree to $130 thousand in the database of the Agency the apartment has a total area of 70 square meters on the street Leskova (Pechersk district) in good repair, fireplace and furniture. The owners agree to give her $300 thousand, although originally planned to raise $450 thousand," she says.Total uncertaintyForecasts of realtors on further developments on the capital market residential properties diverge. According to Andrew Sakura, apartment prices have already fallen to a critical level."Besides, there are quite a large pent-up demand, which must "shoot," he said. Similar assumptions and makes Alexander Rubanov. According to him, this spring, some banks may start to issue mortgage loans, which will automatically lead to increased demand and an inevitable increase in prices.However, bankers are less optimistic. Director of Department of organization of sales grocery retail business of one of the largest financial institutions in the country, who wished to remain anonymous, believes that bankers won't lend to real estate purchase in the near future."Today the market is panic. Most people take their deposits and while they do not return. On the other hand, some of our borrowers, the lion's share of which he took a loan in foreign currency, stopped paying ahead of due date because I don't know, what will be the course tomorrow," he says. Svetlana Fredrikson predicts that by the most optimistic scenario, mortgage lending will be resumed not earlier summer this year, but the conditions for borrowers will be much tougher, so borrowing will not acquire a mass character.In this case, the supply of apartments, as suggested by Sergey Kostecki, may increase due to the sale of real estate collateral, which banks will deprive the insolvent borrowers."Therefore I do not exclude that in the summer the number of property owners who are prepared to take more significant price concessions, considerably will increase", - the expert believes.

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