Will be planning a budget or not - that is the question! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Will be planning a budget or not - that is the question! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe Treasury of Ukraine has reported about the latest achievement of the General Fund of the state budget for February - the target this time is exceeded 2.4 percent. Pleased...What is behind the reports on budget executionThe Treasury of Ukraine has reported about the latest achievement of the General Fund of the state budget for February - the target this time is exceeded 2.4 percent. Pleased with the custom - it was ahead of schedule by three percent. To maintain high standards of efficiency and tax - was given to the surface by 2.6 percent more than they brought (however, excluding VAT. Given the compensation plan exceeded 5 percent).They say that a VAT refund there are certain problems, but March is already no complications will - VAT will reimburse the grain (government decree No. 86 of 4.02.2009). On paper, of course, everything will look the UAH - traders (scheme designed for them) agree to a refund of grain, and put them to refund the Treasury will transfer the money to the Agrarian Fund, and he will send them forward to future purchases of grain from farmers who have nothing to sow.However, the VAT refund in kind is a topic for another conversation (by this logic, why not to reimburse VAT to exporters of metal by coke and ore?), but today we will focus on the budget, especially because he lives separately from the economy. They exist in parallel planes to each other. It's somewhere in the UK or Germany treasurers worried that the recession began have a negative impact on budget revenues, but not in Ukraine.Draws attention to the fact that this time the government does not advertise too shiny results February. For some reason, it helps to compare the results of the current and last year's February. Last year, the triumphant tone of the press releases issued by the Finance Ministry and messages of the Treasury was slightly different then the emphasis was placed on comparison with last year's (then 2007) indicators. Fiscal revenues, based on such criteria, was higher at first to 50, then 70 percent, than the corresponding figures of 2007.Therefore, we use this criterion and we. According to the reports of the state Treasury, in the budget (one part - a General Fund from which to pay wages and social expenses) received 12.5 billion hryvnia, of which tax has mobilized 5 billion 590 million (this is refunded after VAT); customs - 6 billion 161 million. Now back to a year ago.The custom then was transferred to the budget of 7 billion 603 million, in the current February - 6 billion 161 million, 19 percent less.Tax last year filled the budget in February to 6.5 billion hryvnia, this year - 5,59 billion - 14 percent less (both figures based reimbursed VAT). In General, during January - refer to the already mentioned certificate from the state Treasury 28/02/2009 - General Fund budget collected 12.5 billion UAH. Last year during February to 14.3 billion over the Fall of 13 per cent.Take a look at the January-February 2009. The Treasury records the receipts in the amount of UAH 27.6 billion - both in General and specific funds. Raise from the archives of the press release of the Ministry of Finance and pay attention to the words of Pynzenyk - General Fund budget received UAH 25.4 billion. Please note - this year, in January and February in General and special Fund received the same amount as last year for this period is only one General. Because overall in last year's budget of January-February, there were 31.2 billion UAH, state - budget revenues compared to the same period last year decreased by 12 percent.And this is in nominal terms, excluding inflation, which for the year amounted to 25 percent. In other words - even impaired a quarter of the hryvnia this year in the budget received 12 percent less. The decline in production not just cut inflation, and even reduced nominal income.But the government is about this word, and pretends that the budget will be filled by itself. Or a miracle happens, and lenders will agree to Finance political bruised dashami Kiev, or Russia will thank for the resignation Ogryzko brotherly help."All right," and in the Pension Fund, Chairman of the Board of which at the last briefing told how much revenue soberano in PF over the plan in February (900 million USD). What is the plan for the Pension Fund? It figures, "painted" by the same officials, therefore, not surprising that the plan would "reexecuted", even in Ukraine will cease generally to pay salaries through banks.The MP Yaroslav Sukhyi taunted about it - that day, when Parliament failed changes to pension legislation: "I have not heard even once that the Pension Fund asks this of us, the Pension Fund has no problems, he is completely provided with the costs fully. Declining industrial production, 48 percent fell the wage Fund and Pension Fund somewhere takes the money. It is clear that the management of the Pension Fund has to constantly reassure pensioners that problems with payments not, however, except for the constant repetition that the plan was overfulfilled, you also need to make a public response to the following questions.What is the size of temporary loan that Pension Fund each month takes in Treasury bills?How many takes and how many returns?How are the own revenues of PF compared with the same period last year? And the Finance Ministry after the departure of Pynzenyk stopped altogether. Last post on the Agency's website dated February 25 and optimistic says that as the number approved by 99.3 percent of local budgets.In fact, there would have had to include information, to the extent covered by the expenditures of local budgets their income - often referred to as gaps at the local level from 18 to 20 billion USD is a bargain to the hole in 40-50 billion USD, which gapes at the Central level. Nor is there any information about how many grants had been transferred in January-February to local budgets. Probably, these figures have not been released because local budgets this year get from Kiev penny. As there is no press release about the triumphant implementation of the budget by the end of February.With such deficiencies and the absence of any financing of the budget deficit, except the printing press, the country can not go back to manual implementation of the budget.

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