Housing in Crimea will rise in price. - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Housing in Crimea will rise in price. - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineHomeowners on the Peninsula is overjoyed to increased interest from potential guests: this year booking apartments and rooms in hotels for the period of may holidays started earlierAnticipating a good season, Crimeans have raised prices for rental by 10-20%. Moreover, it is expensive not only accommodation, but also services for tourists.Locals traditionally in the spring check the solvency of visitors. If they exhibited swallow the price, they will remain basic and for the summer months.Waiting for the tideAccording to the local real estate agencies in may this year, the Peninsula will arrive approximately 10% of tourists more than in the same period of the past. Experts encouraged and the results of holidays, preceding the may day is on 8 March and Easter rental housing in the Crimea was occupied by the newcomers 60-70% of that for the off-season is considered a good indicator.Real estate experts in the South coast believe that the number of tourists in the Big Yalta increase as from 7th to 9th may there will be held the Powerboat P1 world championship (Formula 1 on water). "Only foreigners at this event will host more than 50 thousand", - explained, adding that the number of rooms of the houses, standing on the first line near the city's waterfront and in the center of Yalta, is almost redeemed. The additional flow of customers and expect the owners of property located along the bottom of the Yalta highway (Oreanda, Kurpaty), which is also where you can observe sea show. Customers are also actively interested in the opportunity to stay in Miskhor, Crimea, Alushta, the New World, there is a growing demand for holidays in the mountains (Bakhchisarai district, Mesopotamia, Demerdzhi).Tourists scare deficitThe owners of the Crimean housing are already preparing for the hot season. May pictures, as claimed by the landlords, is 10-15% higher than last year, and 1.5–2 times higher than the rates of the offseason. For example, "dead" room in Yalta, which in the last year I've given up on 100 UAH from April 30 to 200 USD more expensive. a day. A middle class apartment with good repair, new furniture and appliances in may day will cost from 350 to 400 UAH. a day, the price of luxury apartments start from 800 UAH. Accommodations at other resorts of the South coast of Crimea (Alushta, the Crimea, Partenit, etc.) exhibited by 10-12% cheaper Yalta. But, this is not the final figures. Many owners are afraid to sell too cheap, not yet determined the cost of lodging for the night, promising to tell her only in the second half of April.The owners of the cottages now are not shy to ask for a house with an area of about 200 sq m a house on the beach in Yalta or Alushta $500 per day. And more comfortable mansions with swimming pool, billiard room and garden can cost up to $5 thousand per day. But the demand is there. More cost-effective proposal is in the vicinity of Sevastopol (in the Cossack Bay and at Cape Fiolent), where wooden cottages for four to six people are available for $400 per day.However, the stories about the housing shortage is most often nothing more than a myth for tourists. After all, last year the supply of apartments, according to conservative estimates, has increased by 15%. The base of the Crimean realtors actively join those who had planned, but was never able to sell their apartments. In addition, many owners of private houses expanded their living space and is ready to accept more guests. Almost all new suggestions are positioned in the middle and upper price segments, while low-cost housing, on the contrary, is becoming less. Many vacationers looking for lodging cost up to 300 UAH. per person per day. So it is possible that by early may, surrendering at high rates of apartment will remain empty.May sell serviceThe price increase of 10-15% has already stated the majority of Crimean hotels and mini-hotels - the rise in price inflation. The starting cost of accommodation for holidays in may will be about 300 USD. per person per day. For that kind of money is offered a number of Soviet type on the South coast with minimal amenities (for example, sanatorium "AI-Petri" in Miskhor — 260 UAH Yalta sanatorium. Kirov — 325 USD. Livadia "black sea" - 315 USD.)More modern apartments in the three-star hotels of Yalta, Alushta, Partenia, Miskhor will cost 400-500 UAH. per person per day (Yalta "seasons" — 420 UAH Majestic (Paranid) — 395 UAH), "Pine grove" (Miskhor) — 620 UAH.). In upscale hotels prices start from 1 thousand UAH. This year they changed the principle of price formation, offering guests not just accommodation, but a full-fledged tour. The comprehensive program at may, typically, include the entertainment part, various SPA-procedures, treatment, etc. For example, in the above-named hotel, the double room with additional services starts with 2 thousand UAH. a day. As reported in hotel "Crimean Riviera" (Alushta), they provided a package proposal from April 30 to may 3, or from 1 to 4 may. Standard room for three nights with Breakfast, buffet lunch, live entertainment and gift in the room" will cost 180 euros per day. Same room, but with additional SPA treatments will cost 205 euros per day.Prices for accommodation in mini-hotels will start with 150– 200 UAH. per person per day. During the last crisis in Crimea appeared only two dozen new private hotels, and even those are not too high quality, with small rooms and modest repairs. If tourists really come so much is expected in late April they will be able to increase prices.Experts agree that the Crimean entrepreneurs traditionally set for may maximum rate on virtually all services, thus checking the potential thickness of the wallets of tourists. If tourists will swallow the proposed tariffs, they will not fall and summer. So, most likely, the summer season in Crimea this year will also rise, although beach infrastructure on the Peninsula is only getting worse.

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