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Borrowers are protected on the banks! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineUnder the guise gas and new year lull Ukrainian banks took up their favorite cause...All – in court, or Who will protect the borrower from the Bank?!Under the guise gas and new year lull Ukrainian banks took up their favorite cause. Since then, despite the country's leadership measures, the situation has not changed: the banks of the carrot and the stick force borrowers to pay more; and clients of certain financial institutions and is waiting for the second phase of the rate increase.Banks begin the second wave of increase of credit ratesEven in the fall-winter last year many borrowers banks (Ukrsotsbank, PrivatBank, Alfa-Bank, VAB Bank and others) received an email notifying increasing interest on previous loans. People respond to these messages in different ways: someone tried to negotiate with the Bank, explaining that such actions are not legitimate; someone immediately went to court to defend their rights; someone ahead of time to repay the loan balance; someone on the contrary - just stop paying. And someone to save nerves and time agreed with the increase of payments, hoping that this way the problem will be solved. In this case, people did not stop even the absence of any guarantees that the Bank in a month is not upping the ante again...According to "Details", the second wave of increasing interest rates on previously issued loans has already begun. So, many holders of mortgage loans of one of the largest banks in the country of "PrivatBank" in early January 2009 received notice that the Bank intends to raise mortgage rates to nearly 27% in UAH. And this despite the fact that in November 2008 they again raise their bet. The letter also States that the client can keep the "old" rate, paying off until February 1, half of the remainder of the loan. In a press-service of PrivatBank neither confirmed nor denied the information about the initiating Bank raising interest rates on previously issued loans, stating that the change rate depends on the terms of each specific agreement of the Bank with the borrower. "I have no information that this (raising interest rates on loans. - Ed.) there were problems," said the "more info" press Secretary "PrivatBank" Oleg Earring.But the question is not whether a Bank has with this "problem". The question is that due to the increase in the cost of credit issues borrowers. Yes and guarantees that in the future these challenges are compounded by another rate increase - again no. As "PrivatBank" now sends 500 million dollars to purchase going through hard times "Ukrprombank", instead use these funds for refinancing.Less directly, but no less arrogant behaves Ukrsotsbank (USB) is one of the leaders in raising interest rates. According to "Details", branches of financial institutions from the home office went to cancel the rate increase only when the borrower will make the relevant decision of the court, and in other cases to raise in a system to charge increased monthly payments out of the client's consent to the de facto held to change the terms and conditions of the loan contract. It is possible to regard such actions "CSS" as a reaction to the decision of Economic court of Sevastopol (download the text of the decision) in the case of credit rate increase adopted at the end of last year not in favor of "Ukrsotsbank". That is, the Bank is well aware that the law in this case is not on his side, but hopes to ignorance or indecision borrowers. Indeed, since in our country the law is not precedential, it is possible to defend its position to sue need in each case. And here is the decision to act or to wait until the Bank will make the client's "credit slave", each time raising the bet as much as he pleases, remains specifically for each borrower. This is not the case, to hope for a higher power or at least the leadership of the country...The power does not protect the borrower, and the banksSpeaking of leadership... in Addition to the court once and for all deal with the unauthorized increase in interest rates on credits already - but on the national level - would theoretically higher authorities: the Parliament, the Cabinet, the President of the NBU. But in practice consumers to expect real help. The "tip" rather aimed at saving the banking system as a whole, and not each little Ukrainian".

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