Lending recovered! It's the end of the crisis? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Lending recovered! It's the end of the crisis? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTo clean up the final balance has been slightly: most of the banks were losing term resource base. Not only UAH...The national Bank lending helpedTo clean up the final balance has been slightly: most of the banks were losing term resource base. Not only debt, but also currency. However, the process of building up credits to continue anyway - mainly due to foreign exchange swaps and refinancing of the national Bank.The last month of the last year only strengthened the tendency to leaching of resources from the banking system. Absolute outflow of deposits of legal entities and individuals in hryvnia stated the 13 largest banks in dollars 14 banks in the Euro - 15 financial institutions from 18 major. Total Deposit outflow of resources from the banking system in December was 6,56 billion UAH. But despite these losses, many banks continued to lend.The interviewed bankers argue that the extension of credit in some cases made possible due to the repayment of previously granted loans in foreign currency. Yaroslav Kolesnik, Chairman of the Board of the Bank "Forum" (which increased hryvnia lending by 34 million USD. and lost 42 mln. liabilities), claims that lending in hryvnia continued through swaps currency hryvnia resources. "We have no shortage of currency, so we limited monetary resource position, sopris in the hryvnia, and then resumed lending," explains the banker. The length of the NBU refinancing was comparable with the outflow of liabilities (40 million). Mr. Wheeler believes that in other cases, the loans could also be continued at the expense of swaps, with the release of the currency. Fortunately, now rates to attract dollars overnight on the interbank market is 1-3%.In this case we have to admit it is an amazing fact - the national Bank continued to provide banks with the resources to Finance borrowers, stabilization loans. For example, PrivatBank, lost in December about 1 billion UAH. term resource base, increased the loan portfolio of UAH immediately by 5 billion UAH. While the loan portfolio of PrivatBank in foreign currency decreased by us $859 million, and urgent resource base in foreign currency increased by the equivalent of $132 million total in the Bank was $987 million in available resources, which is just enough to continue lending even in a billion outflow of hryvnia deposits. According to "Zerkalo Nedeli", accessed December 15 PrivatBank received the NBU refinancing in the amount of UAH 3.4 billion.More confusing is the situation in the UGB, which in December issued loans in the amount of 221,4 million USD. and lost due to the outflow of deposits 133 mln. The amount of repayment of foreign currency loans and outflows of foreign currency assets of the Bank about comparable: the downsizing of the loan portfolio amounted to the equivalent of $46 million and the withdrawal of foreign currency deposits equivalent to $42 million the Amount of refinance obtained from the NBU - 1,285 bn.Bank "Nadra" actually managed to increase in December its loan portfolio to $14 million and lost $135,6 million and 760 million USD. in the form of deposits (decrease hryvnia loan portfolio amounted to 376 million). By 15 December Nadra received the NBU refinancing in the amount of UAH 7.1 billion.Experts argue that much of the credit operations December became possible thanks to the active refinancing of commercial banks by the Central Bank. The CEO of a large Bank argues that lending to the real sector at the expense of the national Bank is a very profitable business, especially after the relative stabilization of the exchange rate on the interbank currency market and the glut of dollar interbank. "There's an art to take the NBU hryvnia under 12-18%, and then to refinance the borrowers at 25-30% per annum or send to a interbank market",- said the banker.On the interbank currency market continues growth rates, which indicates a total resource hunger of market participants. Yesterday, balances on correspondent accounts of banks has fallen to a mark of 15 billion UAH., and the market of interbank credits once opened growth of quotations: night hryvnia resources cost - 70/110%; weekly - 65/90%, monthly - 40/70%.In fact, this policy of banks is not surprising. Surprising acquiescence of the NBU on the expansion of the loan portfolio of banks during the provision of funds for refinancing long, which, according to regulatory assets of the Central Bank issued "on the support of banks 'liquidity"".

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