Who will give a loan, unless the Bank? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Who will give a loan, unless the Bank? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineNow is the time to buy! Now you can buy an apartment on the amount of money you had collected for the down payment. And automobile dealers lure rare buyers with super discounts. In the deficit...Where to go for a loan?Now is the time to buy! Now you can buy an apartment on the amount of money you had collected for the down payment. And automobile dealers lure rare buyers with super discounts. The deficit is now only money. Is it realistic now to get a loan.For the purchase of housingProzvoniv 20 largest banks in terms of lending volumes (according to AUB), as well as a number of small, we found nine financial institutions willing to provide loans for purchase of real estate.That lendIn the first place — "secondary." If a Bank lends to a purchase in a new building, only if he is funding the developer. However, the majority of these unfinished houses (commissioning "Olin Hail" and "Brest-Litovsk" is scheduled, for example, in July-August), and in the conditions of crisis there is a risk to be with a new apartment, and with the unfinished. Also even those banks that do not declare the mortgage, ready to give loan for purchase of real estate collateral.What lend7 banks out of 9 in local currency. And only two — "Ukrainian Business Bank" and "Kreditbank" — ready to lend money as dollars or hryvnia. But "tear up" the high Commission — 3-3,5%.Under any interestAcceptable rates of 15-20% per annum in UAH the banks cooperating with the State mortgage institution (SMI) and funding of new buildings. Others raised the rates from 23% to 25-28%. There are even those who borrow money at 40% per annum in UAH. In some banks, there are several bets. "Kyivska Rus" credits under 17-19,5%: the larger your Deposit, the lower the rate.For what period of timeFor 30 years give money to banks who are interested in selling a new home. There are those who continue to make loans for 10-20 years. And it is quite "new" — mortgage total for the year ("BM Bank").What kind of contributionMinimum — 25% (in December 10%). Average is 30%. The maximum is 50% (in December, 30%).DepositThe hit of the season in banks — credit secured Deposit. In principle, this product existed before the crisis. But the special distribution received just now. Indeed, because of the moratorium depositors even when absolutely necessary can't get their money. Now the chance is there. But with a surcharge.Credit rate, as a rule, such loans are tied to the profitability of the Deposit. On average, the first exceeds the second by 2-3%. Depending on when he was decorated with the Deposit, in terms of the "annual rate" that may reach 17%, and 25%. But there are other programs where the lending rate does not depend on the interest on the Deposit, ranging from 27% to 30% per annum.The loan period, usually a little shorter than the term of the Deposit — for a day or two, sometimes for a month. It does not expect to receive credit for the full amount of the Deposit. If you can get 80-90% of the amount, that's good. Some banks issue a loan not more than half of the Deposit.Some investors have already found in this kind of lending loophole: to take a loan and then not return it. They say, let then the Bank takes collateral — no one owes anyone anything. However, financial institutions are not far behind in ingenuity: many have decided to disburse loans under the pledge of newly designed or a new Deposit. However, you can also find here the positive is to save on your loan. Because interest rates on "Deposit credit" below market rates in cash — 30% vs. 50-60%.On a major purchaseBanksFrom the first twenty banks in terms of volumes of crediting of physical persons, according to AUB (31.01.2009, excluding Bank "Nadra" and "Ukrprombank", "Rodovidbanka", which introduced a temporary administration), there were only a few willing to give unsecured casavie loans. Rates — an average of about 35% per annum in UAH. And that's without a fee! The real rate can reach 50% -70%. However, under such a high percentage of banks are willing to take a chance and part with the money for 4 years. Although the standard term for "cache" is limited to a year or two years. But the amount the Bank is willing to lend small: enough to survive until payday. Unlike the pre-crisis times, now bankers consider your credit limits your same two to four official salaries. Before Casey credit you can get up to 6-8 average monthly incomes.Financial brokersUsually they post ads about their services on the pillars, walls of subway cars and may be of interest to those who do not want to pester banks and is willing to pay for mediation services from 5% to 15% of the loan amount from your pocket, if only to borrow.Bet that represent such companies, the current market is 35-42% excluding mediation. With them — all 60%. Need only imputed income statement (that they exceeded the amount of the monthly payments of a minimum of 2.5 times), passport and code. Often such a company require residence registration and don't want to mess with those who are not turned 25 years old. Promise that "partner Bank" decide for 1-4 days. Although some brokers still tried to convince us that the issue of money itself, but indirect signs (long silence on the issue of license to issue loans, the need to repay the loan only through a specific Bank) gave them the essence of mediation.The maximum term of loans is found through the Internet, does not exceed two years. According to the Manager of one of these financial companies, they work only with the banks with foreign investments. "But you know that banks have a limit of 10 credits per month, so it is better to issue a maximum of confirming documents and the guarantor, to be sure," he says.Another type of loans "off the pole" — "on the security of real estate in 1 day". By calling on several of these phones, we found out: young men who appear to be "private investors" who are willing to give in any currency up to 50% of the cost of an apartment or house in Kiev or in the vicinity of 60% per annum (5% per month).

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