More and more houses and apartments in Ukraine are becoming "smart" - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

More and more houses and apartments in Ukraine are becoming The number of Ukrainian citizens, establishing a system of "smart house" is gaining momentum.Today "smart home" is a dwelling in which everything is automated with high-tech devices. An important advantage of this system is energy savings. "Thanks to the "smart home" payments for water, gas, electricity, heating reduced by more than 50%", - says Ivan Grinenko, Director of "Disystems", which specializes in Smart home systems".According to experts, every year more and more houses are becoming "smart". "Abroad, these houses have long been widely used, whereas in Ukraine this system is only gaining momentum. When used with a smart system could afford only wealthy people, and now these can be used and the middle class," said architect Anna Izquierdo.Experts predict active development of "smart homes" and widespread not only in the homes of Ukrainians, but also in commercial real estate. "Over the last decade, our jobs have evolved significantly and require developers integrate different kinds of things, from technical to issues of comfort. The system of "Smart house" is gradually becoming a prerequisite for the development of commercial premises high quality," says managing Director of "Delta Projektconsult Ukraine" Wolfgang Gomernik. He noted that not all developers are willing to work with new conditions.

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