Feast in time of crisis! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Feast in time of crisis! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineWealthy people save on branded clothing, watches, jewelry and cars, thus reducing the level of sales of high-end shops to...Glamorous discountWealthy people save on branded clothing, watches, jewelry and cars, thus reducing the level of sales of high-end shops up to 50%. In order to retain customers and not to close, the owners of fashion boutiques are forced to resort to the most extraordinary steps.No, no and no again!" - Director of the capital Gucci store refuses to make contact. Question about whether there is today a demand for hung along the perimeter of luxury belts and blouses, glowing from the chic and expensive, it seems, completely ruined her mood. Well, a girl can understand. Warm Friday evening in a few hours the doors of the store opened on the strength of three times. A pair of bored sales assistants at the table sluggishly unpack the boxes and make them notes. Some more walking around natercia to Shine the floor of the shop, sadly glancing through the window at the people passing by.To maintain a sense of styleA little faster is showing signs of life, boutique Louis Vuitton, standing in front of. Here the employees have a job. The girl with a sincere smile helps two enthusiastic clients to choose a purse. Another consultant presented almost solid master package with a newly purchased bag. The client is clearly promising, and judging by the logos on the remaining packages in his hands, he managed to buy food in stores Roberto Cavalli and Sanahunt. "You got so many people! Right amazing - a crisis after all!" - provoke the employee of the boutique, courtesy of me trying on a scarf. "It depends on the day of the week, time. Although now is not what it was before, " come less and less," she sighs. "Probably, Louis Vuitton Paris on Champs Elysees the same situation - in Europe, they say, because of the crisis with expensive things really bad. Although you got the prices seem higher in Paris", - the return of the scarf in her hands. "Above 8% for customs and all that. But we live in Ukraine - buy", says the consultant.However, don't be in the store any client, of any discount or other loyalty programs to customers to speak wouldn't have to. Such is Louis Vuitton policy is practiced worldwide: the products will not be discounted, even if the boutique showcase is sad lurks crisis. Old collection that you can not sell, will be burned and it will be replaced by a new one to showing out on the shelf, to wait for the buyer as much time as needed.But in Helen Marlen Group, which promotes the Ukrainian market the products of luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli, are less categorical. In stock shop Helen Marlen Group, where collections of previous seasons, discounts, now reaches 70%. In the boutiques of the group that occupied city Passage and the street Gorodetsky, the situation is not much different, although there are discounts to the customer only when his obvious interest in the product. "This is natural, because they need to keep up!" "explains a smiling visitor shop Yves Saint Laurent. She has a good mood - she just bought a scarf and a tie with 50% discount on each unit.On the other hand, nothing to hide: the players themselves the luxury market recognized that since the autumn of sales in their stores has dropped by half, the inevitable discounts. Companies need to save the situation if they want to retain their positions until the end of the financial crisis. Incidentally, in the present circumstances not everyone can do it. Recently Maratex company announced its decision to close its affiliated stores in the premium segment - Hugo Boss and Palmers. Now the company will focus on the development of networks of dress and casual shoes, such as Esprit, Peacocks and Aldo.Available decorationMeanwhile, while these are isolated cases. Whatever it was, and in our country, the impact of financial crisis on the luxury market is much less noticeable than in the West. "Geneva and Basel salons, which took place this year, it is all the same frills, no patterns, studded with diamonds," - shared his impressions of the legendary annual exhibitions hours Natalia kushneruk, Director of the Bovet watch shop in Kiev Hyatt hotel. However, it was a lot of firsts, she continues, "because in our case it is very important to impress customers and hold their interest".However, novelty is not the only way to maintain the level of sales that use the sellers of luxury watches and jewelry in times of crisis. In the store Bovet, is part of Crystal Group Ukraine, we offer customers a good discount. "Our regular customers we can guarantee a discount of 40%. They deserve it" - Natalia smiles Kushneruk. Before the interview she has managed to talk to one of these visitors, and, judging by the mood, she managed a good deal.In single-brand stores, such as Bovet, regular customers a priority. And those in crisis, according to the Director of the boutique, the selected stamp will not change. However, even they nearly cut in half the amount that are ready to leave, and the decision take longer and more balanced - the number of spontaneous purchases have decreased.But in the Damiani jewelry boutique opened in the center of Kiev company Noblesse, not necessarily to be a regular customer to get a 35% discount. Come here rarely. The unexpected appearance of a customer terminated a leisurely conversation subtle consultants, appeals to reigning in the store the dim light. As soon as the request from the Cabinet were seized three studded with diamonds necklaces, the cost of one - million. In a secluded room, with armchairs and a table, show the client the goods and immediately talk about discounts. Necklace Hafner (model Two in one) cost 481,2 thousand UAH. you can buy with 35% discount. The same discount is provided for a necklace Luca Carati price of 374 thousand. "Thank you, I think. Goodbye!" - it seems that is already familiar to consultants the client's response. "Wait, here's my card, let's on the reverse side write the names of your favourite models with price and promotion", - the employee does not give up boutique."Yes, we felt the financial crisis - we have increased sales," such an unexpected response was received from Igor Lobortas, Director General of the jewelry house "Lobortas and Karpova". The reason is that wealthy people want to protect their capital. As one of the ways they use investments in collectible jewels, which, unlike currencies and real estate, remain stable.

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