To take the credit help pawn shops! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

To take the credit help pawn shops! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe financial crisis has severely hit tinucherian of Ukraine. Banks faltered and lost customer confidence. They were replaced by pawn shops, undertaken to provide loans and...Where to get a loan because pawn shopsThe financial crisis has severely hit tinucherian of Ukraine. Banks faltered and lost customer confidence. They were replaced by pawn shops, undertaken to make loans. What services pawn shops.Ukrainians feel the lack of "quick" money from 13 September 2008, when the NBU forbade banks to make loans. And since the "Holy place is never empty", this function took the pawn shops.That can be laid?According to information of the Ukrainian Association of pawnshops, most often in Ukraine give in pledge the precious metals and stones, appliances. Some pawn shops will accept as collateral vehicles, securities. Very promising, though underdeveloped type of loan in a pawnshop, it is considered a loan secured by real estate.A pawnshop will lend! But how?The terms of the loan in a pawnshop different from the Bank. First, the pawnshop gives bail money just in few days or months, when it comes to loan against the pledge of gold or appliances, and a maximum of six months, if the Deposit rent property or car. Bank credits are issued for 10 - 20 years. Secondly, pawnshops appreciate the use of credit money. And thirdly, Lombard unlike Bank can provide only 80% of the value of collateral.The amount of loans secured by items of precious metals depends on how much they are valued by the pawnshop. On the basis of net weight of product and samples of the metal, calculated estimated cost: the higher it is, the amount owed to you. If you brought the product with inlays of semi-precious and non-precious stones, we estimate it will be on the basis of net weight of precious metal.Every pawnshop independently evaluates the product, guided by the value of precious metals, established by the Ministry of Finance and the national Bank. The sample and the weight – play an important role in determining the amount of bail.The percentage for the use of each loan pawnshop independently. The loan is secured by pledge of property. At the end of the period of validity of the credit contract (loan) in the event of default by the borrower of the obligations, the pawnshop has the right to satisfy their claims on the loan at the expense of the collateral. That is to take your property forever.Gram gold 585 pawn shops in Kyiv is estimated at 89-135 USD. Mortgage daily percentage amounts to 0.6 percent. After the specified in the contract of pledge every day stitched will cost you 1, 5 percent of the value of the collateral. This means that if you pass the product and got 300 hryvnia, then a month later have to buy it for 360. If after the expiration of the contractual period during the week you bought the product, it becomes the property of the pawn shop in foreclosure.Pawn shops are also selling Commission things. Jewels in a timely manner not bought in a pawnshop shall become the property of the State Treasury of the National Bank of Ukraine at the price set by the Bank.Preparing to take to the pawn shop appliances, it is worth remembering that these must be fairly new, in good condition. In short, the collateral must be liquid so that in case of default of the loan, the pawn shop could easily sell it.Most pawn shops to enjoy a modern technique based on the year model. The loan is issued depending on the availability of instructions, warranty certificate for equipment in the amount of 20 to 80% of its market value. Tech, if the machine you bought for 1800 hryvnia, then the pawn shop will offer you 1200-1300 USD and then if its condition is perfect, there is a guarantee and it is fully equipped.Laying the car, note that in a pawnshop will give half of its value. The amount depends on the year of release, and the technical condition of the car. Taking out a Bank loan, the car always remains with you, while Lombard you part with your four-wheeled friend, closing it on spectant.Pros pawn shopThe advantage is that collateral loans can be very quickly. Pawn shops will give any sum of money in just a few minutes while the paperwork is in banks may be delayed for weeks. In addition, the pawn shop will ask you for documents only passport and identification code. However, to make a loan secured on car, will be required to provide the registration certificate and a document confirming the right of ownership.In the case of registration under the collateral real estate in a pawnshop the term of the loan can last from several hours to several days. Agree - this is faster than finaseride. On the Kiev real estate loan give no problems. If the house is located in another city, with a loan you have to wait until the appraisers will not take out the verdict. There are a number of terms in the pledge of real property: for example, the apartment must be owned by the borrower on the vehicle must be spelled out as little as possible on housing, you will need written consent for a housing Deposit without exception. The law forbids sale of apartments and houses in which prescribed minor children. Sootvetstvenno if the borrower stops paying, the Board of Trustees will not allow you to evict the family and the pawnshop is unable to sell the apartment. For the property of the pawn shop can give the loan for six months with possibility of extension.How unprofitableDisadvantages Lombard lending is as essential as the benefits. The banking system is working with cent, much below Lombard. If you are given the loan for 10 years at 21% per year, labanowski percent on the same period will amount to 63%, i.e. three times more.Remember that in the case of lending in a pawnshop, you have the right to pay the debt, not paying interest for the entire loan term, but only for the period of actual use of the loan. Also have the ability to reduce the amount of debt through a partial payment. Warning Lombard about the difficulties with the payment of the loan and not wanting to lose the collateral property, we can extend the contract and to pay any part of the debt or the interest for its use.Most often today in pawnshops young people who are unable to prove to banks solvency. With the advent of the financial crisis, many have lost the opportunity to take a Bank loan. Does it make sense to take out a loan for a short period of time and under a large percentage, solve, of course, you.

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