Banks found a way to "knock down" borrowers with their DEBT! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Banks found a way to Banks found a way to partially repay indebtedness under...Banks will ask from insurersBanks found a way to partially repay indebtedness under creditsThe scheme works as follows — in case of accident or other insured event, the Bank requires the insurer to pay the insurance indemnity as a loan repayment of the borrower.A clause stating that the Bank has the right to require that you send us the amount of insurance compensation to repay the loan, was in the insurance contracts of pledge long ago. But the banks are only now, when the growth of defaults soared."Decisions about the use of insurance compensation of damage to the vehicle to repay the loan taken in the pre-crisis period. Just now, such decisions have become more frequent. In this case the borrower is not a big choice and opportunities to influence the Bank's decision. If in the insurance contract beneficiary designated Bank, the Bank will make the decision. If such a situation arise, in practice, we proceed primarily on the borrower's credit history. If it is positive, and we are confident in the solvency of the client, the Bank transfers the money to repair the machine," said Eugene Demyanov, the Deputy Director of the Department of product and marketing for private clients Raiffeisen Bank Aval".Insurers in this situation were held hostage. On the one hand, in recent times there have been increasing complaints of delayed payments of insurance compensation and the inadequacy of damages, calculated IC, the cost of the repair, which makes one HUNDRED. Insurers complain — say, a moratorium on early withdrawal of deposits, which cover most of the reserves, applies to insurers. And recently some of the UK do not receive the money even on deposits, the validity of which has expired. "Many companies tacitly withheld payment, as there is or there will be problems within the company. There are a number of objective reasons — for example, banks are delaying the approval procedure of insurance claims," says Andrew Peretyazhko, the CEO of the company "AXA Insurance".According to insurers, to the repayment of the loan due to reimbursement of banks resorted to only in case of large losses. However, there are banks who are claiming benefits and with small losses. "To say that this is a mass phenomenon, it is impossible. Assume that the possible reason of such behavior of banks may be willing thus to guarantee the repayment of the loan by the borrower, because now there are cases of defaults by the borrowers of the loans and the number of such cases will increase,"— said Svetlana Kadukova, Chairman of IC "Nova".But insurers are evil, saying that they are not satisfied with this situation. Indeed, in the event repairs are disputes about the amount of compensation. The reason is the rising cost of imported spare parts and rehabilitation works HUNDRED and. Insurers also when examining the factor of price increase does not take into account. Besides, at calculation of the insurance rate a significant increase in the cost of the repair was not provided, and therefore, the reserves created by this type of insurance may not be sufficient to pay claims."It all depends on the terms on which a contract of insurance. If the car is new or the terms of insurance provided by the insurance excluding depreciation, in this case, generally the difference in the calculations of expertise and a HUNDRED maybe, but not an essential. In cases of auto insurance with light wear due to this, a difference in the calculations of expertise and a HUNDRED," complains Mrs. Kadukova.In the case of payments to the Bank, the insurer may reduce the amount of reimbursement during the examination, knowing that the Bank will not understand the intricacies of the case. "This possibility will be used, it's easier and cheaper to pay for the examination in favour of the Bank, while avoiding disputes with the insurance company",— said Svyatoslav Radchuk, Director of Department of settlement of losses of Allianz Ukraine".For borrowers this is a two-fold situation. On the one hand, reduced the debt on the loan. But decreases the value of the collateral, because the client has to seek funds for costly repairs. And although many of the policyholders of this state of Affairs does not suit, to influence the situation they, as a rule, not possible.

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