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You have passed the crisis? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineUkrainian bankers finally disappointed in their shareholders, of which in January-February, managed to squeeze a meager infusion: for two months the capitals most....The crisis is not a BlowjobUkrainian bankers finally disappointed in their shareholders, of which in January-February, managed to squeeze a meager infusion: two months in the capitals of most domestic financial institutions increased by only 15-20%. Last week they started negotiations on additional capitalisation for new investors who in exchange for financial assistance offered its shares, the Cabinet of Ministers, the European Bank for reconstruction and development and the world Bank.Babirusas financiers can be divided into two groups: banks with foreign capital I trust in the international financial institutions (EBRD and WB), recently giving a helping hand, and financial institutions with Ukrainian roots - on the government. Under forecasts of experts, in the coming months, additional money can pour directly into 12-15 banks. It is assumed that many of them will settle new shareholders, the rest will receive subordinated loans for a long period of time - 5-10 years.The latest scheme has already run-in: Raiffeisen Bank Aval received early last week from the world Bank in debt of $70 million from the European Bank for reconstruction and development - $75 million Next in line Kiev OTP Bank, which, according to rumors, began negotiating the sale of a 50% stake in the Bank. It must be followed troubled Nadra and Ukrprombank, which in January-February, the NBU introduced temporary administration: officials announced that they are preparing both for the nationalization of financial institutions.It is assumed that the process of entering the Cabinet of Ministers of the shareholders of the mountain-banks will start at the end of this month.The government will begin to waste time on triflesA pioneer in emergency capitalization of the banking system on a large scale will become the government. If you believe Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, the first nationalization of the Ukrainian financial institution needs to happen this week. As reported in the national Bank, it is claimed by two structures: Ukrprombank and Nadra Bank."We are preparing the documents for the financial institutions", - said the Director of the Directorate of banking regulation and supervision of the NBU Alexander Kireev. Although the Cabinet did not disclose details of the deal, but it is expected that the government will become the owner of 100% of shares of banks: their price, according to the CMU resolution No. 960, which entered into force in November 2008, will be calculated by deducting from the nominal price of the shares of obligations of the financial institution to creditors.According to Kireev, applications for the nationalization filed only these two structures. However, in the near future, experts predict an increase in applicants for the state "roof". "First of all, it will be large and medium-sized banks whose owners do not have the funds for growth of capital. All, according to our estimates, for government support in the near future can apply about 15 financial institutions", - the analyst of investment group "Sokrat" Roman Sirotin.The main reason for the increase in the number of applicants for state investments is the revision of the procedures for obtaining them. Last week the first Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Turchynov said that the Cabinet has prepared a draft decree that simplifies the November order of state participation in the capitalization of banks. "We abandoned the old principle that participation in the capital of financial institutions is possible only by the actual nationalization. Now we have a different approach: for example, if a powerful local Bank needed assistance, the state may participate in the equity of, say, only 10%, but really, it's not only simple and preferred shares (giving owners the right to priority receive dividends at a fixed rate regardless of the level of profit derived JSC)", - he said.Moreover, the new government's decision will be a written rule that allows shareholders to repurchase from the state of the sold shares, the old shareholders have the priority right.Do not exclude financiers the introduction of the Cabinet and alternative schemes. "After all, there is another step to provide the Bank with subordinated debt (included in regulatory capital): the government gets a right to get not only his interest but also to put strict conditions on the use of funds and management of financial institution. We have already proposed to the Cabinet such a scheme," he said in an interview with "DS" Alexander Kireev.According to him, it will be financed from the stabilization Fund of the state budget. As yet no agreed procedure for this loan from the International monetary Fund, the proceeds of the credit stand-by cannot be used. It is assumed that the average term of granting of the subordinated debt by the state will amount to three to five years. "Probably a requirement for this will be Bank lending to certain economic sectors or specific projects," said Roman Sirotin.Foreigners will be forced to lendIn a similar way to recapitalize the domestic banking system are going to foreign financial institutions. "In capitalization will involve three parties: the European Bank for reconstruction and development, world Bank, and major European financial institution whose subsidiaries are presented in Ukraine.Now we are negotiating about capitalization with 12 banks, which account for 50% of banking system assets. They are our partners with whom we have been working for more than one year. But at the same time, ready to consider offers on cooperation from other Ukrainian financial institutions", - said in an interview with "DS" coordinator of research and external Affairs of the EBRD in Ukraine Anton Usov.According to him, Western donors are considering today three schemes providing funds: opening of credit lines for specific projects, provision of subordinated debt and acquisition of shares. "In the latter case we can talk about the various packages: although the European Charter of the Bank and provides for the purchase of not more than 20% of the shares of the financial institution, however, think that in the current conditions may be amended by the rules," said Moustache.According to EBRD President Thomas Mirow, they at this stage are willing to spend on Bank projects in Ukraine about $600 million, but in case he needs not exclude the increase of this amount by the end of the year."We are ready to allocate in the next year to $750 million for the recapitalization of Ukrainian banks", - said last week, the world Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Martin raiser. The first capital injection has already taken place: on 16 February, the NBU registered the capital increase of Raiffeisen Bank Aval: WB extended his previously given to the subordinated debt by $70 million, and the EBRD issued a new $75 million appeared Almost simultaneously the information about the negotiations for the sale of 50% shares of the Ukrainian OTP Bank European Bank for reconstruction and development.The main goal of foreign financial institutions in these projects is the resumption of lending, and therefore subsidized banks will not be able to minimize the active operations in times of crisis, as did the majority of their colleagues. "Primarily, we are concerned full stop lending to the economy that occurred in 2008. Therefore, we are ready to take prompt action. The Bank has significantly simplified the procedure of capitalization, and lending to financial institutions will be resolved in two to three times faster than before. Presentation of new projects will occur in March", - said Anton Usov.The capitals need almost allIt is predicted that the peak of dokapitalizatsii and related rotations in the ranks of shareholders will be in March-may. "I guess today additional capitalization in varying degrees, need about 80% of Ukrainian financial institutions. Because now it is not even about the expansion of active operations, but simply for the payment discipline, which is gradually deteriorating. For example, we have a client that is waiting on your payment from another Bank since December 30. And we are not talking about a bad Bank, which introduced a temporary administration, and functioning of the institution," - said in an interview with the Chairman of the Bank "Khreschatyk" Dmitry Gridzhuk. "The number of financial institutions - candidates for the capitals, will definitely increase. Indeed, more and more banks get into difficulties due to the outflow of deposits, "said a senior analyst at Troika Dialog Ukraine" Yevgeny Grebenyuk.Experts have already split the contenders for the investments into two groups. The first includes banks with domestic capital, many of which, in the opinion of the respondents "DS" financiers, will go in search of money in the Cabinet, the second - banks with foreign capital, most of which will try to obtain financing from the EBRD or the world Bank.

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