How banks return deposits? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

How banks return deposits? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineDepositors will offer to exchange their deposits for...The Deposit will return the apartmentTwo new schemes of work with clients promises to implement the Bank "Nadra" on Monday. First - time borrowers will be able to pay currency mortgage loans in local currency at a preferential rate. Second - investors will offer to exchange their deposits for apartments.The first scheme will be available to those borrowers who prepay some part of the currency of the loan. According to the temporary administrator of the Bank "Nadra" Valentina Zhukovskaya, this scheme is unprofitable for the institution, but the Bank is consciously, to improve their liquidity. "On reflection no time," says Valentina Zhukovskaya. We need the influx of cash.Yesterday in a call centre of the Bank "Nadra" plainly could not explain, on what exchange rate will be converted currency mortgage loans made by individuals.However, according to the transitional administrator "Nadra" Valentina Zhukovskaya, such information from Friday's run by a staff of all departments of the Bank - already there are signs indicating where the specified scale ratio of early repayment of debt to the exchange rate. "The course varies from 6.5 to 7.9 hryvnia per dollar, said Valentina Zhukovskaya. - For example, if a person extinguishes prematurely 25% of its mortgage monetary loan, he dollar loan converted into hryvnia at the rate of 6.5 hryvnia per dollar. If only 10%, at the rate of 7.9 hryvnia per dollar".Who have no money for early repayment of the loan, the more you will have to pay back the loan at the market rate.To compensate for the loss of Nadra is going through austerity operating expenses - reduction of Bank branches, staff, costs for telephone and utilities.Know-how for investorsHowever, a much more revolutionary looks different scheme. Depositors will offer to withdraw their deposits not in dollars and collateral apartments borrowers, those who returned to the Bank instead of debt. The reason is the same. The Bank has no money to pay. "I can say that for many investors it can be a cost-effective solution, says Valentina Zhukovskaya. - Some apartments can be bought for half the cost, and if the contribution of the person is not enough, he will be able to get a loan in our Bank".How these programs will be in demand, at the Bank don't know, as such practice does not exist in any domestic financial institution.Who will follow the exampleTalking about the translation of dollar-denominated loans into hryvnia among bankers has been conducted since October of last year. However, at the state level, such a program was not accepted.That Nadra Bank has developed and is ready to run such a program EN masse for their clients, bankers believe quite logical. "Let the Bank will lose foreign exchange earnings due to the conversion of foreign currency loans in the hryvnia, but will be able to maintain liquidity", - said the Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the Bank "Contract" Paul Krapivin.

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