The inferior dollar UAH! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The inferior dollar UAH! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineFor the residential real estate market the year 2008 was a turning point: in the beginning was the jump, and then the unthinkable twist in the middle of the year, and finally...Apartment prices in dollars were lower, and in UAHFor the residential real estate market the year 2008 was a turning point: in the beginning was the jump, and then the unthinkable twist in the middle of the year, and finally, we expect the drop at the end of the year.Besides the well known global financial crisis, a special way to the development of the property market was affected by policy of the national Bank of Ukraine increased the dollar and the instability of the political system of our country.Today, experts predict that the decline of prices in dollars will last at least until spring. Realtors are advised not to rush to sell their homes and wait out the hard times, for example, to rent (renting an apartment). However, buyers who have the money available, they advise to buy housing, while there is a possibility of choice and a good bargain.From the historyThe end of 2007 and all of 2008, the real estate market experts, known as the new period of evaluation, analysis and revision saltovskogo business. Last year, both for Ukraine and for Kremenchug in particular, was a turning point. According to city real estate agencies, beginning of the year was marked by soaring prices.– When, on 14 January 2008 we went to work, I saw that the prices from the new year increased by 10-15%. Special prerequisite for this was not, – said the representative of Agency of real estate "Yaroslav" Liudmila Knyazeva. According to her, prices continued to rise in February and March, and April.According to the Center for real estate "guarantor", to the beginning of April, property prices in Kremenchug increased on average by 17%. In late April, growth rates and market activity has decreased significantly, and in may the housing market was just moving by inertia. The number of sales declined, but the transaction, scheduled earlier, was still. And that itself made it known to the world financial crisis, and in Ukraine appeared first difficulty in working with some banks.Its seasonality, and not only influenced by the calm of the coming summer. Prices stabilized, and a slight increase of 1-2% on a monthly basis continued until the end of September. It was in September was recorded maximum value of 1 sq. m of residential real estate is $1259. And the rising price of residential resale properties since the beginning of 2008 was 32%.– We waited a seasonal jump in prices in September, but without the support of banks, which by October had finally turned the program on crediting of purchase of housing, the purchase of an apartment for many Kremenchuk residents remained in the long term. The number of proposals has increased several times, and the number of transactions has decreased significantly, " says a representative of real estate Agency "ETAGI" Tatyana Zubova. According to her, the square meters began to decline in price in dollars.According to the Center for real estate "guarantor", by the end of October saw a decline in prices by 6% and by the end of November for another 3%. December was a record last year – a jump in the dollar triggered a price decline by 12%. The number of transactions fell to the lowest level. Was only forward transactions. The volume of offers has decreased dramatically.The market today– As you can see, the main result of 2008 – a decline in real estate prices in dollar terms. By itself, this fact, of course, should please many of Kremenchuk. But actually the reason for the special joy is not observed. Because prices are falling in the U.S. amid the rapid devaluation of the hryvnia. Prices in local currency – remain the same.And when you consider other not positive processes was due to the decreased demand for products and services, decreased income, increased the number of cuts, layoffs, unpaid leaves" – then there is the fact that the purchasing power of our citizens has not improved. And why to buy property at reduced prices wanting not so much. Especially because the dollar exchange rate of the hryvnia will not save enough, " says the Director of the Center for real estate "guarantor" Oksana Fisenko.For example, over 240 thousand hryvnias ($50 thousand) in September 2008, it was easy possible to buy a 1-bedroom apartment in the city center, the choice was quite wide. Today, for the same 240 thousand hryvnias ($26 thousand) – it is very hard to find a similar option 1-room apartment in the center. Offers almost no – 2-3 "credit" option of the city, in the state, to put it mildly, "prepared for the repair." The remaining proposals at a price above $30 thousand.As for the prices of apartments in the U.S. currency, the market sellers were divided into two groups: 90% – reduced the cost of their apartments by 10-20%, the second 10% (more dependent on loans and other reasons) is reduced by 50%. But isolated cases are not the trend of the market. Moreover, the volume of offers for sale, paradoxically, is small, the number of bids has not grown.The future or the past?Today many wonder: what will bring the real estate for the year to come? Almost all the realtors in their answers is simple – predict the real estate market is very difficult, and it is a thankless job. The scenarios are many: from the most pessimistic to hopeful and optimistic. Some experts predict the fall of the dollar and the Euro in 2009, while others further fall of the hryvnia. Many people – many opinions. Or simply experts from different political blocs.– Reduction of prices in dollars has almost reached the bottom. Since the middle of January, the real estate market Kremenchug picked up noticeably. Increased the number of orders from buyers. Moreover, people agree on the sale price for the apartments that were inspected last year, but put off purchasing, expecting lower prices, " said Director of the Center for real estate "guarantor" Oksana Fisenko.The representative of Agency of real estate "Yaroslav" Liudmila Knyazeva said that apartment prices will fall, and in may 2009 will fall to the level of 2004.The price reduction of 15% until the summer and predicts the representative of real estate Agency "ETAGI" Tatyana Zubova.In the Centre of real estate "guarantor" recommended to those who want to sell houses, not to hurry and wait out the hard times, for example by renting the. Even taking into account the taxes that have to pay, it is much more safe and profitable than selling on the wave of unfounded panic apartment for a song, put your money in the Bank, and then to fear his bankruptcy (which is provided by many banks in the near future).Buyers – if they have the funds to buy a home – buying. This is a very good time, the opportunity of choice and a good bargain. Moreover, real estate has always been and remains the most reliable investment for saving money.Ads-dummy"Kremenchuk Telegraph decided on the ads in "Private newspaper" to cheap to buy an apartment. Cutting out a few of these ads, we decided to call on them, and, especially, to look at these apartments. However, this proved to be problematic: the owner in business trip, in the country, we just "can't show"...Realtors Kremenchug, who have long known about the emergence of such ad-pacifiers, say they are often faced with the argument of the buyers, saying, "behold, the same apartment sold at half the price". However, this is not always true. Very often it is a carefully thought out strategy.

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