To buy a house near Kiev - EASY... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

To buy a house near Kiev - EASY... - news on real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe average cost of individual houses (cottages) in the Kiev region decreased by...Homes near Kiev fell by another 5%The average cost of individual houses (cottages) in the Kiev region decreased by 5,44% ($84) to $1 463 per sq m at an average sale price average households $154 258.In the Ukrainian capital cost of individual houses for the period decreased by 4,87% ($88) to $1 718 per sq. m - $229 852 per household.The rating value of the cottages in the districts of Kiev and Kiev region as a whole:1. Obukhov district - reduction of 4,48% ($79) to $1 684/sq. m.2. Kiev Svyatoshinsky area - reduction 6,57% ($112) to $1 592/sq. m.3. Boryspil district - reduction of 4.79% ($80) to $1 591/sq. m.4. Vasilkovsky district - reduced to 4.89% ($63) to $1 225/sqm5. Vyshgorod district - reduction of 4.91% ($65) - 1 $259/sq. m.6. Brovarsky area - reduction is 4.15% ($54) 1 $246/sq. m.7. Borodyansky area - reduction of 5.81% ($70) - 1 $134/sq. m.8. Makarov district - reduction of 5,00% ($51) to $968/sq. m.9. Kiev (all districts) - decrease of 4.87% ($88) to $1 718/sq. m.The volume of supply of houses on the districts of Kiev region:1. The Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district - 18%2. Makarov district - 15%3. Vasilkovsky district - 15%4. Boryspil district - 12%5. Brovarsky area - 11%6. Borodyansky district - 10%7. Vyshgorod district - 10%8.

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