Kitchen furniture: the problem of whether the news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Kitchen furniture: the problem of whether the news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineToday's furniture manufacturers are ready to implement any design ideas – various colors, stylish, texture, materials and trim unlimited choice provides ample opportunities to the consumer.Almost all specialty shops sell food to order according to individual assemblies, considering the fashion trends and customers ' preferences.The modern view of the kitchen arrangement first drew attention to maximizing the use of each piece of kitchen equipment built, hang cabinets, corners fill sinks and unusual ergonomic design drawers. So, the kitchen "island" located in the center of the kitchen or on the border of bedrooms Desk for various purposes is a privilege of large kitchens, but on the possible combination of feature set is superior to the usual linear design kitchens. In the top of the "island" can be embedded cooktop or sink, thus increasing the working surface. Moreover, if you perform a countertop made of artificial stone, the same material can be made and the sink. No gaps where dirt climbs, will not be there. The island has four side faces, and each of them can be used as various functional elements. If from the kitchen in a kitchen "island" usually embed the dishwasher, oven or different boxes, then the other party reasonably be used as a dining area – free space under the table top for chairs and legs sitting. A kitchen you can pick up in the kitchen catalog Merckx. The oven can be placed or traditionally under the cooking plate, or somewhere in the side, at the level of the countertop that is very practical for Housewives who often engage in pastries.Popular today are the classic cuisine "antique" (country style). They create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, perhaps, here lies the secret of their popularity.Dishes of this style are made of solid wood. Welcome these types of wood, such as oak, beech, alder, maple, cherry. Of course, the leading position in this list belong to the oak tree. His noble texture and color give a unique charm to the interior of the kitchen. Furniture made from precious wood, is characterized by strength and durability.As popular and kitchen furniture in the style of hi-tech forms a perfect harmony with cooking equipment. Because hi-tech is a style that rejects natural materials and following the natural samples in the interior. The materials used to make kitchen furniture in the style of hi-tech is primarily metal, glass and plastic.Stainless steel and aluminum, other metals and alloys is an integral part of the design in the style of hi-tech. Not necessarily less in this design, the glass or transparent plastic. Moreover, the glass should be plenty. As a rule, kitchen furniture in the style of hi-tech has monotonous color. Dominated by one or two colors, and often one of these colors – metallic. However, a definite contrast in the appearance of the interior provide additional color. In this case, the high-tech style is not alien to sharp combinations, including those that for many other design styles kitchens unacceptable – for example, the connection of the red and black.A wide range MERX offers in terms of choice of material of the facade of furniture for the kitchen. The material can be chipboard or finished plastic; varnished in several layers (matte or glossy); tempered or acrylic glass and a solid wood. The most viable option is a plastic surface – they are practical, stand relative to temperature and do not absorb moisture. Lacquered surfaces require special and careful maintenance, the wooden facades of the noble, but require more careful maintenance.With the right approach and rational thinking, modern ideas and materials are able to bring any kitchen to the limit of Your dreams.street Demekhina, 27Studio kitchens merxPhone: 38 (0642) 53-10-55Mob.: 38 (095) 608 57 60merx1@net.lg.uastreet, 12Studio kitchens merxPhone: 38 (0642) 61-69-52Mob.: 38 (095) 223 43 25Fax: 38 (0642) 61-69-52merx@net.lg.uaAlways available and under the order in g.

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