OVEN – GIRLFRIEND HOUSEWIFE! Or how to choose an oven. - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

OVEN – GIRLFRIEND HOUSEWIFE! Or how to choose an oven. - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine"Stove – a head". So it was in the old days, so it is now. And if before baking demanded great skill from the hostess, we now wonder oven will not only help itself will do everything for the glory of the cook.Ovens are dependent and independent type. The devices of the first type can only work in tandem with a certain hob: both units have a common control unit. If the control is on the stove – not so bad, furnace closet will be able to work without the panel. If on the panel (which, for example, inappropriately broke) then the oven will have to wait for General repair."Dependent" stove and the panel is made in the same style and, as a rule, are chosen for the interior. The main disadvantage of a dependent system – its components can't be away from each other. In addition, choosing the perfect the oven, does not mean that you will get the same right all the characteristics of the panel. Independent set free from the disadvantages dependent opponents. The stove is quite self-contained can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. However, in the load for the freedom of such a device has a complete set of knobs and buttons that need to be cleaned and with whom, I don't see parents, dream kids to experiment.Depending on the energy consumed ovens can be divided into gas and electric. Gas ovens are gradually losing their market position. Recently gas units are dominated – electrochoc consumed a lot of electricity at low efficiency. But with the advent of foreign economical ovens the situation has changed: now gas appliances is less than 20% of the market ovens. The main drawback of gas units – open fire, and thus lost the ability to manipulate the hot air with the built-in fan. Gas units are deprived of the self-cleaning features – will have to connect the arms and detergents. Anyway, in addition to modulating temperature control (again manually) and price (it is much lower than the electric counterparts) the merits of the gas ovens in principle, no. But if there is no desire or ability to lay additional wiring for the stove (and electric cooktops) – then gas oven is indispensable.HER CHARACTER IS. Most importantly, what to look for when buying a stove is its set of available modes for this model. The more you have, the easier it will be to pick up the necessary condition for any dish. Gas oven loses on all counts. The instrument middle level has one mode – the flame at the bottom of the device that pumps heat throughout the oven. Adjustment between the seared top and bottom of the baked food is just shifting the dish up/down according to the established grids.In electrical appliances can be more than two dozen different combinations. In the standard oven features top and bottom heating element, grill (quartz or ten), the fan is surrounded by a heater (convection mode). In the end, receiving such combined modes: separate top/bottom heating using Heaters; heating elements in conjunction with convection; the upper or lower heating plus grill; grill together with convection, etc. – can be chosen for almost any dish. For example, baking is simply necessary convection, meat and fish dishes from the grill, casseroles – various modes of heating elements in the oven.In more expensive devices, there is also the microwave heater. With the help of microwave radiation even a giant Turkey is fully baked, will have a savory crust (under the regime grill microwave).In the stoves economy class management is done using various mechanical or touchscreen controls. With the help of them you can specify the mode and turn on the system. But it is necessary to monitor the cooking process, as the system does not adjust the status of the dishes. There may be a small screen that displays useful information (temperature, time off, etc.). This way of control is inherent for both gas and electric ovens.The more expensive models of mechanical (or touch) controllers are complemented by a full screen to observe the full information about which mode is used, cooking time, auto shutoff, temperature. With the help of the system control you can set the sequence of modes.The most advanced models of ovens not only provide information and carry out simple programs, they are able to analyze the situation and offer the chef the optimal mode. In fact, the stove turns into a full-fledged chef. A person only need to choose the program, load the products and wait for the signal of readiness.WHAT SHE PLEASES. In gas appliances and inexpensive electric models cleaning your oven have their own. The more expensive devices have self-cleaning features, which may occur catalytic or pyrolytic means.Almost all ovens are equipped with semi-automatic (included gas, pressed the button and eventually the flame) or automatic (sparkle appeared automatically, together with an open gas) electrophoregram. There is a system gas: if the gas is on, but no flame, after some time, this function will block access to the blue fuel.Before the door to the oven was definitely folding. But it's not always convenient, especially if you need in the cooking process periodically to get the pan. And because were invented hinged and sliding doors.Swingdisclosed to both parties and the owner has full access to the dish. Retractable door itself leaves with all the grills out conveniently. The lack of such pull-out systems – the high price and the necessity of free space in front of oven."Cool" oven can act as a double boiler really need to add in a special tank water periodically. And the water is supplied to some of water directly to the oven. This function also allows for the preparation of overly passivates baking.Many ovens have included the core probe – a device that allows to measure the temperature of the food inside. Also in many furnaces have electrovert for the preparation of meat dishes.All furnaces have a backlight function with a special heat-resistant bulb. Some of the models "know" when the light can be turned off, and when you need to brighten. To ensure safe operation of ovens invented system overtemperature shutdown and when you work more than a specific time. Standard oven is 55 – 60 cm in height, 60 cm in width and about 50 – 55 cm depth.

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