Real estate and what to do with it! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Real estate and what to do with it! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineUnfortunately (or fortunately), to purchase an apartment now with the help of loan. Therefore, if you are going to solve their housing problem, will have to rely only on own forcesCrisis: whether to buy or sell a propertyUnfortunately (or fortunately), to purchase an apartment now with the help of loan. Therefore, if you are going to solve their housing problem, will have to rely only on own forces.Despite the fact that the majority of realtors claim that in recent months, prices have stabilized, statistics specialized portals shows that they persistently fall on average by 3% per month. It turns out that the idea with the delivery of bought "squares" in rent seems a little late.- Today the market is exposed to a lot of apartments, pokopavshis with a speculative purpose, " explains the specialist in real estate Nikolay Eremin. - With the increase in the supply cost of renting in dollars slightly, but cheaper. Per month on average take approximately 0.5% of the price of housing, and while this ratio remains unchanged.So, with rent at least some certainty, but that's about transactions of sale and purchase is very difficult to say.As recognized by one of realtors, for the first two months in the capital there were about a hundred. To do on the basis of such scanty factual material any conclusions difficult. So all stats are now based on the prices announced by the sellers. And is it still realistic to negotiate 10-15%.- At the moment, never dangerous game with the cost of real estate, - said Nikolay Eremin. - You risk not to guess the level of "bottom", i.e. when and how much it will fall in a particular region to the maximum. This and the experts can not predict! Therefore, buying an apartment, you risk losing part of your investment. That prices have stabilized and will last for at least six months, and then the purchase of real estate is legitimate will be considered safe.Not enough for Kiev to take Berdichev?In the absence of mortgage lending capital housing at the present time, even with the falling prices and the likely bargaining, afford unless the oligarchs. But in Ukraine there are other cities with a much cheaper apartments. Why to feel sad about the devaluation of savings in hryvnias? Is it not better to take, say, one in a "cheap" region and then rent it out?- Note that the square meters in the province, if you will need them later to sell quickly, threatening to be "illiquid". Not the fact that they can find a buyer who is seriously behind, " warns Nikolai Eremin. Only after the crisis will manifest itself in all its glory (not yet happened), it would be wise to look to the regions for real estate investment. And certainly not worth it to invest in apartments in places where only one enterprise.Not too promising seems to be the specialist and the idea about renting. In fact, as the deepening crisis rates can still "give". And in some regions the income from rental housing and so on is 1.5 - 2 times lower than the interest rates on deposits in the most reliable banks.It is also interesting that in small towns the cost of real estate is decreasing less rapidly than in the capital, and slower. Experts cite the following example: identical apartments in Vyshgorod (Kyiv region) and Obolon (prestigious residential area) it can almost not be distinguished or even be lower in Kiev. To the periphery always any process comes with a delay of several months.Who the crisis in care?However, not all that bad. If investment in domestic real estate experts are skeptical that the situation with the improvement of living conditions are quite favourable. For example, if you have long wanted to move to a better neighborhood or to change one - on-one and the like, now is the time to act. Just yesterday, willing alternative transaction (exchange through purchase and sale) nobody wanted to mess with. The process is complicated, encumbered by a large number of legal nuances, arrangements are often flying... But encountered a slump, any buyer became roads, including one that is "real" money in the hands merely old apartment.In the opinion of specialists, the lull in the market generally always favorable for exchanges. To collect blood for the purchase is given to few, but to add and increase the square meters useful much more real. On the other hand, one who is not able to extinguish the mortgage loans, can always go to option exchange "treshki" with "kopeck piece" and the money is already easy to return and the balance on the loan. It turns out such citizens and housing will not leave, and pay off with debts.ForecastsWhen "the bottom"?In most situations, and buyers and sellers of real estate now wait. The last hope that the prices will go up again, the first is that they soon fall to the maximum.Experts, and quite unanimously, promise "bottom" in the coming months. Most often the month when the cost of apartments and houses will be minimal, called September. After falling prices for some time it will freeze on the spot: at least until the end of 2009 or mid-2010. And then will begin to grow again. But to expect the same sharp rise in price, what was observed from 2004 to 2007, should not be. Mortgage loanswill not be soon, therefore, demand and prices will be adjusted only money that the Ukrainians managed to earn.So, wanting to rent the apartment to "minimum" to comfort can only one. According to forecasts, the period of stable prices, which will come after rollback, promises to stretch quite a long time - from several months to a year.

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