You have the opportunity to earn! To do this, just need the land! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

You have the opportunity to earn! To do this, just need the land! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe country awakens from its winter slumber and calls to work. Wake — strike and will not please a rich harvest, which will become a useful preparam for their families, especially in the context of...Prepare the site for the rich harvestThe country awakens from its winter slumber and calls to work. Wake — strike and will not please a rich harvest, which will become a useful preparam to the family table, especially in the face of rising cost of living and wage cuts.Now lay the success of a future "harvest". What to do, and we spoke to the experts: Deputy Director of Institute of horticulture of UAAS Nicholas Bagel, senior researcher of the laboratory of plant protection UAAS Igor Shevchuk and chair of the Department of horticulture, National University of life and environmental Sciences of Ukraine Zinoviy Owl.TreesAround fruit trees will have to jump bouchee than under Christmas trees. Let's start with trunks, because it is their health to a great extent depends the future harvest. Steel brush or blunt side of a knife, strip the bark in her cracks are often hidden cocoons of caterpillars of their who wintered there. Then whiten the trunks of slaked lime to the level of the bifurcation of the branches. The survivors of "Stripping" the pests that will not like it. Equally important, this white screen will protect the trees from burning spring sun and prevent cracking of the crust.If you do not have time to do pruning of the garden in the fall, do it in the next 1-2 weeks until they went SAP flow in trees. Ruthlessly cut hacksaw under last year's succulent shoots, growing in parallel to the trunk or at a slight angle to it. It is not enough that they will not bear fruit either in this season or in subsequent years, and will select the power and light of the sun by the branches of the workers. Slices large boughs, diameter from 25-penny coin and more, to avoid infection by fungal diseases treat garden pitch or oil paint, and the smaller "amputee heal.It is still important that when spring pruning you will get rid of most of yaytsekladok ringed moth (one of the worst pests), preferring young branches. However, dark-grey bracelet of his offspring are easy to detect and remove manually. But oviposition ermine moths and mites, hidden at the base of the kidney, eye available. But they can corrode the drug "No. 30", made from waste oil: when spraying it coats the branches of film and denying pests access of oxygen.ShrubsWith decimation currant lot of trouble, but you have to be inspired by "stabbing", and for red, black and bloom earlier other inhabitants of the garden: in early April, we must deal with them. Proper pruning ruthless, in the Bush just leave 12-15 shoots. And ideally, to be equally 1-2-3 years, this ratio will guarantee a better harvest. The age of the shoots is determined by their thickness and color of the crust: the younger the twig, the lighter. Despite the form of the Bush so that when it will be covered with leaves, sun rays are easily reached every shoot — then the berries are juicy and sweet.Simultaneously pluck the large rounded buds in winters currant mite. Such "apartments" pests easily distinguished from the flat healthy kidneys. Similar thinning rules apply to the gooseberry, with the only difference that ticks look out he didn't need.But in the raspberry patch break all shoots, except for last year — only the young will bear fruit. After the "break" set the raspberry bushes a "haircut" — shorten the shoots are 10-15 cm Berries freaks less, but they will be much larger.SeedlingsFrom keyboards, seed merchants — the hype. People take everything indiscriminately, especially since the price — last year, the sachet is 1.5 to 2.5 USD. Bought we do, but with caution: we have seen that the seeds were put up last year, not earlier. "Guarantee" of quality to 2012, the year — fiction, the germination rate decreases over the year storage in 1,5—2 times.Dutch "seeds" competing with domestic, 2 times more expensive. The price seems to be the same, but in a package half the seeds. Instead, they are treated with compositions against bacterial and fungal diseases (Ukrainian — no) and more yield. But... this is a technical varieties of cucumbers and tomatoes, they are gorgeous to look at, but the taste and smell — alas.But if tastes differ, then the timing of sowing seeds for seedlings, then transplant into the ground — and even more so. Almost all gardeners nurture seedlings in his apartment. It is time to sow "on the window sill" tomatoes, pepper and cabbage in 2 weeks. Cucumber is better to settle in peat pots, then the roots are not damaged, and no earlier than April 20. Lay the seeds of different species in separate plachecki-boxes. Sprinkle generously, wrap the container with plastic and place in warm dark place. Will be held from 5 to 14 days, and the earth will "explode" seedlings. Don't miss it, because sprouts it is important to give the training. Expose them to cold and light on the glazed loggia or balcony, if only drafts were not. Shoots slow down in growth, but will get stronger and on the ground will show their strength and productivity.Hardly will be stable plus (usually early April), free strawberry beds from winter "coat" — leaves, straw, substrate. Cut the withered leaves at the base of the bushes, leaving only the Central green socket. Get rid of weak, poorly pruned plants and, of course, eradicate the weeds in the beds and in between rows. Will fertilize the strawberry fertilizers — ammonium or potassium nitrate, urea, urea, based on 15-20 g per sq m.

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