RISKS and a home exchange! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

RISKS and a home exchange! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineBut barter is not allowed on the scheme "trade not looking", as proposed by the hero of the film...Possible risks of home exchangeOn the real estate market is actively returns exchanges again from the times of the USSR. Figuratively speaking, a stone axe — on the clay pot. My fault, sorry for the banality, the crisis, which deprived the vast majority of people to pay in cash the transaction of purchase and sale. But obtaining mortgage loans — General "unscientific fantasy".But barter is not allowed on the scheme "trade not looking", as proposed by the hero of the film "On family circumstances". Sometimes assumed and gratuities. The reporter tried "skin moneychangers" and rushed into the market with a 1-room (I confess — conditional) the apartment has an area of 34 square meters, supposedly located in "good condition" on the Dnieper Embankment. While eagerly appreciated this "hut" at $60 thousand. In an effort to learn what risks lurk in the exchange, helped me to understand lawyers: Anna Panchenko — lawyer law firm "Shmarov and Partners", lawyer of law firm "Ilyashev and Partners" Maxim Kopeychykov and advocate of the Kiev regional advocacy Michael Krulko. So, let's see what we can gain on "unit" price of $60 thousand, and what to lose.The new building? Unfinished!An apartment in an unfinished house in Kharkiv highway (the area of this "ones" — 52 sq m) owner willing to change not only our "good condition", but for any other apartment, on a plot of land near Kiev, and even in the car. His broker Igor K. said that the proposal unsuccessfully "hangs" on the market for 2 months. Clients come, see the unfinished house where there is a crane, a construction, builders — alas — and leave, don't want to change. And because the house is built in a very convenient location, there are excellent transport interchange, to the Leningrad area — literally two steps.The riskToday any unfinished house may become just that for many years, if not altogether to remain unfinished. And the construction of the high-rise buildings, as we have seen, even before the crisis began slipping, and now the case with her sad at all. Turns out instead of our real ones", we get only the assignment of property rights on the virtual housing. The danger is too great."Live forever" Grandma2-room apartment on the Boulevard Perov (an area of only 45 square meters) with us wanted to take an extra $17 thousand. Traded, pushing for a more convenient transportation, natural beauty, damn it. I mean, you have the best — just a car lot nearby, and all the rest... the Noise, the stench of exhaust, close the yards. And we have the Dnieper at hand, and the lake Telbin near.The arguments worked, reduced Alexey P. the difference up to $15 thousand. But then it turned out preinteresneyshaya circumstance. Turns out he is not the owner of the apartment, and exchanges the abode of his grandmother Catherine Specialist by proxy, her being the only (allegedly) heir. And where is she, why not personally engaged in such an important case? "Sore," replied our counterpart. And suddenly not hurt, and all she already has my grieving"?The riskIt is not excluded that our beloved grandmother Alesha rested in the Lord. Having the power of attorney, the attorney seems to be on the grounds before the end of the 6-month time limit on the entry of heirs in law gets the BTI certificate-characteristics for the disposition of this apartment and may conclude a deal with us exchange.Although, in accordance with article 248 of the Civil code, after the death of a Trustee he had no right to dispose of property of the grandmother, the grandson may simply state that on the death of his beloved grandmother did not know. And if he managed to swap with us, and even the extra charge to obtain and then to urgently sell our apartment is down the drain. If there are other heirs unforgettable old woman, they will judge already become our "kopeck piece"... and Here it is — broad street, here it is, homelessness. A chance to return their "unity" and additional charge for this "kopeck piece" close to zero.Children are not always flowersHere it is, a great option: 3-room apartment, 100 square meters, in a new building on the Avenue of Truth. However, the exchange for our "unity" — with a surcharge of $100 thousand, but we have sorrows — gonna find a difference somewhere... the Owner of the apartments Olga told that exhibited apartment is for sale for $170 thousand, and when the buyers showed up for $160 thousand, hence the "drew" the difference between co-pay for our "condition". The hostess told us that goes to the exchange for family reasons — not sure in the future, need the money. She has two daughters who live with her in another apartment, where registered. Like, everything is clean, but...The riskIn principle, the presence of children in traded us the apartment can create a serious problem. Why? Their right to housing is protected by the Family code: the minor does not have the transaction resulting in the sale or barter to get less residential "meters" than it had before. According to article 177 of the Family code, for any housing transactions to which it is registered (recorded) minors need the permission of body of guardianship and guardianship. But the exchange transaction will be recognized as invalid, if after its conclusion will be revealed the falsification or unlawful issuance of documents that violate the rights of underage residents.Wow, the price of the issue in our case is $100 thousand! Somehow don't really believe that everyone who claims to be such a valuable "kids" permission, incorruptible. But if then recognize the illegal exchange due to violations of the rights of children — what's next? On court three-pointer, we will select, our poor little "unity" will return. But issued to the owner of the apartment an extra $100 thousand would oblige her to return in stages (if she has no other liquid assets — and where did he come from, if well thought out Scam). The process will last for tens of years, ie never completed.The "black" earthHere, it seems, and we find happiness. Absolutely no additional cost our hypothetical apartment agreed to exchange for 12 acres of land under Brovary. And, as it assured the owner, Viktor Pavlovich, to adjacent areas already supplied with electricity, natural gas can also be sum — "pipe", they say, close only need with neighbors to negotiate, to cooperate, to make it to this "promised land". The forest nearby, and on to the highway Kiev — just 3 km on a good dirt road.Tempting to get away from the noise of the city! By the way, as we have noted, today many want to "give up" their land near Kiev for housing in the capital.The riskHe seems to be a small but principled. If the land issued by the state the act of the old sample, it is possible to have duplicate — read, on this earth may be two owners. However, to hedge against exchange our "air gym shoes" to "black", illegal land, not too difficult. Need to claim a transaction that the site had individual cadastral number entered in the national register.

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