Do not expect to PROFITABLY SELL an APARTMENT! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Do not expect to PROFITABLY SELL an APARTMENT! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineContrary to the General trend of reduction in price of housing observed in the country, square meters, in the regional center are set by...Sumy citizens are hoping to profitably sell their apartmentsContrary to the General trend of reduction in price of housing observed in the country, square meters, in the regional center are given at summer rates. However, potential buyers, even with the means, not in a hurry to conclude a deal before the fall of the cost of the proposals.Valuable propertyIf in most cities in the country residential property in the last couple of months has fallen in price by at least a third of the owners of square meters in Sumy can't stand the thought of losing profits. As said the Director of the local Academy of Sciences "Consensus" Marina Tsybukova, now the secondary market offered almost at pre-crisis prices. The maximum discount that are ready to provide sellers that do not exceed $10 thousand As a result of the price bid Sumy can compete with megacities. For example, the average for the "unity" here are asking $40-50 thousand, "kopeck piece" — $55-60 thousand, three-pointer — to $70 thousand for Almost the same money at desire it is possible to find accommodation in the neighbouring Kharkiv or to change residence at the capital. Decent discounts you can get only from owners who need to urgently implement the apartment. Realtors can remember a couple of occasions when the sellers gave "ones" for $20 thousand "However, until the sale has not acquired a mass character, — the Chairman of the Sumy branchASNU Elena Shulga. — In the city practically is not offered for sale housing on the loans. For example, from 2 thousand objects that are in the local database, only one sold for debts. According to her, most owners took a wait and prefer to ride out troubled times and not to give their property for a pittance.Marina Tsybukova adds that a lot of owners who have previously planned to sell the house, and now put it up for rent. In the future, realtors expect a strengthening of this trend, especially as the demand for removable squares enhanced by arriving at the regional center for residents of the surrounding settlements and returning from megacities "guest workers". "As a consequence from the beginning, the demand for such housing in the city has grown substantially, and the price for the last month increased by at least a third," says Ms. Tsybukova. For example, if at the end of last year a one-room apartment in good condition can be rented for 600 UAH. in a month, today deals start from 800 UAH. Decent housing in good areas is set at 1-1,2 thousand UAH. a month.Director of Samsika fortress" Valery Petricic notes that in the conditions of market stagnation townspeople, who urgently need to disperse or expand the living space, are increasingly returning to the practice of exchange of apartments. According to Ms. Shulga, changing the parties are considering options for which you need to pay no more than $10 thousand.Buildings take a whileThe situation in the primary is less tense. If sales on the secondary market is almost frozen, the new-construction projects Sumy students interested in actively. In the Academy "Consensus" say that to invest in new housing are seeking local residents who managed to withdraw their deposits from banks, or to negotiate with financiers about the transfer of funds to the developer by Bank transfer. Potential buyers are attracted by reasonable prices. Contractors implement square meters have already been commissioned objects by 3.9 thousand UAH./sq. m. that is, those who has a dollar savings can buy a Studio apartment in a new house with independent heating only $30-40 thousand However, according to the realtors, not bad sold only "ones" and "kopeck piece" a small area (30-60 m) in economy class, which in sum are concentrated in the area of streets of Kirov, Romny, Internationalists. At the same time, home, positioned as a luxury (5 thousand UAH./sq m), developed very slowly. For example, realtors can't find people willing to settle in the new VIP class, located near the center of town on main street. Elena Shulga explains the passivity of the wealthy residents of Sumy fact that most houses declared as a luxury, in practice, we do not reach this level. "For example, only one object has its own private courtyard and underground Parking. Despite high prices — 6,7 th./sq. m., wishing to buy apartments there," says the expert.A lot of prospective buyers, in its opinion, has postponed the purchase of square meters in new buildings, relying on concessions to investors. However, their expectations may not be justified — the developers have already announced that the homes, which are now in the final stages of construction, the apartments will rise in price by at least 1 thousand UAH./square meters — up to 5 thousand UAH. due to the price increase in construction materials, energy, etc.

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